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His name is Averroes, born in 1990, He's a self-taught artist/painter from Bandung. He started his art since 2009 when he studied printmaking in Bandung Institute of Technology. In the early years, there were developments of decorative and figurative drawings in his art, shifting between pop art drawings and bizarre illustration, often taking inspiration from collage or dada. Since then his works changed with more automatic drawing/painting approach with various abstract shapes. It was the first method of making two dimensional art that match his feeling, suited his hand. During that time after many experiments, his curiosity towards abstract art especially abstract expressionism made him focus more on painting, because his exploration reached its culmination with handbrush movements.


His interests in painting was to build viewpoints of nature and human living. To portray  how emotion of things looks like using various brush technique, white space reduction, and combination of subtle or trembling line strokes. Sometimes presenting simplification of modern/urban life, and try to create daily objects to make a point of banality, building contemporary nuances in its melancholy. Art is his pathway to design social criticism and depictions of nature.


  • Ready-to-display
  • Available in canvas, canvas premium (special material and construction) and framed mounted print.
  • Licensed and produced in limited copies
  • Pre-order in 10 - 15 workdays
  • For interior decoration only, do not expose to extreme heat or direct sunlight

Please make sure that you properly measure the dimension of your wall space before you make the purchase.

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