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Karin was born in 1988, a pure Jakartan who studied and works in Jakarta. Majoring in visual communication design, she happen to stumble upon the world of collage art and fascinated by the endless visual possibility of it. 

She often inspired by daily mundane objects that often already trashed by others; such as discarded papers, leftover packagings, torn labels, and so on. Karin sees that every single objects has its own textures, and she tries to catch the textures by combining them, rip, dismantling layers of the papers, along with neatly-cut pictures, one by one. That’s why some people says that Karin’s collages have ‘raw’ feels in it. From making collages, Karin found out that every works bring its own perfection through the imperfection itself. 

Karin has join in various collective exhibitions and has a solo collage exhibition last May in Lir Space, Jogjakarta. Right now she’s working in a small aspiring independent gallery as community liaison while keep exploring the wondrous possibility in collages. 


  • Ready-to-display
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  • For interior decoration only, do not expose to extreme heat or direct sunlight

Please make sure that you properly measure the dimension of your wall space before you make the purchase.

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