Are the artworks sold here original or copied version?

Most of the artworks are copied in several numbers. But you might find some artworks are in limited copies or even have no copy.


Are the copied version of artworks produced in limited numbers?

Yes, they are. If you find what you are looking for, we suggest you not to take too long to purchase due to its limited copy, especially the special edition ones. We might reproduce few artworks in the future with the same / different media, but it is not a guarantee.


How many product options can I choose here?

You can choose the artworks that you like to be produced in canvas or paper at the meantime. But we will add more media in the future.


Why is the artwork that I am looking to purchase not offered in the size that I want?

Sorry to hear that but we only provide sizes as you see on the website. If you require a custom size, please contact our team at Please be noticed that we can only process custom size order with minimum quantity.


I can’t find artworks that I am looking for. What do you suggest?

We will try as much as possible to accommodate your special requests. But to be sure, please reach us and describe your needs. And if you are requesting another size of products, please contact our team at Please be noticed that we can only process custom size order with minimum quantity.


Are the artworks ready to hang?

Every artwork that you purchase is ready to hang. All you need to do is find the best spot to hang, but please be noticed that the installation process will be on your own.


Are the artworks shown here is legal and under approval of its respective artist?

Yes, they are. SPASIUM is allowed to produce prints within the agreed quantity, but the copyright still belongs to the artists.


Will I get the artist signature for the artworks that I purchase?

Artist signature is only available in special edition artworks. Please contact us to make sure the signature availability in your preferred artworks.


I need a professional advice to find the best artworks for my private space / commercial space. Do you provide this kind of service?

Unfortunately we don’t provide it. But we do have several professional partners that could give you solution. Interested? Please contact us and we will connect you to them.


I found similar artworks on another site with lower price. How could it be?

Every artworks shown in SPASIUM is exclusive and has been acknowledged by both artist and us under a written agreement. It makes us the official media partner for each artist to perform their artworks. But we do understand if it could happen. Therefore we need your help to send a report to us if you find this kind of situation so we can perform an inspection to the artist and decide further required actions. We would appreciate it very much for your kind assistance.