Drug Junkies

Drug Junkies

Drug Junkies

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Yasika is a visual artist based in Wonogiri, and was a student in Visual Communication Design at Indonesian Institute of the Arts Surakarta. At first, he started collecting music covers because there are so many well-designed covers out there. It inspired him to make something like that. Then he tried to explore within his own style, combining any kind of vintage image, old magazine & 70s-90s photos. He created art to express what he sees & feels because he found it comfortable.  His artworks are based on simple layout, imagination, minimalism & colorful background. In the other hand, he wants to show the world about art shows peace and love to each other because the world deserves it.


  • Ready-to-display
  • Available in framed mounted print 
  • Licensed and produced in limited copies
  • Pre-order in 10 - 15 workdays
  • For interior decoration only, do not expose to extreme heat or direct sunlight

Please make sure that you properly measure the dimension of your wall space before you make the purchase.

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