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Born in Jakarta, Bunga Yuridespita is a Bandung based artist. Completing Architecture studies at Pelita Harapan University and master degree of Fine Arts in Bandung institute of Technology. Bunga whose paintings are influenced by her past architecture education creating abstraction from bird’s eye view landscape and city maps.

Her awareness of spaces through the bird's point of view makes me interested to dig it deeper. The more deeply observed, her mind is increasingly filled with questions about the space. Why the body and space can exsist? How can there be a dialogue between them? Why can distance and dimension exsist? Why do humans always moving from one space to another, or reforming and arranging new space in their daily life?

In the process of creating this work, she uses a personal approach to explore it by observing her personal spaces in daily life through bird’s eye view perspective. The results obtained are transfered to the landscape painting. Pieces range from smaller prints to large-scale canvases with the using acrylic paint.


  • Ready-to-display
  • Available in canvas, canvas premium (special material and construction) and framed mounted print.
  • Licensed and produced in limited copies
  • Pre-order in 10 - 15 workdays
  • For interior decoration only, do not expose to extreme heat or direct sunlight

Please make sure that you properly measure the dimension of your wall space before you make the purchase.

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