Jaran Kepang Olive

Jaran Kepang Olive

Jaran Kepang Olive

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Nus Salomo is among the Indonesian contemporary artists, and well known as a multi-skilled artist who paints & sculpts using different mediums. Nus paints using conventional mediums like acrylic, oil & charcoal. He also works with digital media, creating digital paintings with Wacom tablet, on the screen, a method very few have mastered. Using no pre-existing images, he creates new designs on a blank screen with digital strokes. 

His sculptures show a strong realistic understanding of the human anatomy, combined with futuristic imagination. His past working experiences as prostetic sculptor and animator, has influenced him to create artworks that are unique and contemporary, especially in the creation of his hybrid characters. He is an artist of an ideas; his creative thinking precedes other values in the process of making art. It starts with an idea followed through by a concepts and takes shape with the help of his medium, be they paint and brush, mouse and screen, or clay.


  • Ready-to-display
  • Available in canvas (special construction)
  • Licensed and produced in limited copies
  • Pre-order in 10 - 15 workdays
  • For interior decoration only, do not expose to extreme heat or direct sunlight

Please make sure that you properly measure the dimension of your wall space before you make the purchase.

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